This is a touching yet edgy album. The best this band as ever released. This album has a musical mix of electro rock, hard rock, melodic rock, and alternative pop. The lyrics of each song have different stories. Each of which is beautiful in their own way. Some lyrics were cheeky and questioning pop culture based people and/or musicians. Other songs were more emotional and about the vocalist herself (Ariel (REL) Bloomer). One of the songs on the album, “Sorry About your Parents”, sung about a very touchy topic of self harm and I think she did it perfectly. Another song, “Rock N Roll Thugs”, talked about drugs within music, another topic ai think she hit perfectly. The song “Rock N Roll Thugs” actually has a verse on one of Ariel’s corsets she tends to wear on stageCaPa9fZUYAIHl06. Several songs in the album made it sound like Ariel questioned herself emotionally, which is something very rare. Over all, with the musical diversity and powerful lyrics and delivery, this album get’s 5/5 stars.

Songs: Cynics & Critics; Nerves; Sugar and Spice; Hope of Morning; Sorry About your Parents; Pop Culture; Watch Me; Slow Down; Rock N Roll Thugs; Think I’m Sick; Fix Me; Counting on Hearts

My Favorites: Rock N Roll Thugs; Sugar and Spice; Cynics & Critics

Released October 15, 2013 with Tooth & Nail Records

Vocals: Ariel (REL) Bloomer

Guitar: Shawn Jump

Bass: Josh Kincheloe

Drums: Adam Kronshagen