Jacoby Shaddix is the front man of Papa Roach and the inactive band Fight the Sky. He has 3 sons Makaile, Jagger, and Brixton. He is married to his loving and supportive wife Kelly who played a Dominatrix in the music video Almost Told You I Loved You. Jacoby was born on July 28th, 1979. For the first year of his life his family was homeless. His father was a Vietnam Vet. His mother left his father and eventually remarried. Jacoby didn’t realize he wanted to be a rockstar until he was 14 or 15 years old. The band that made him want to rock out was ‘The Deftones’, the songs that made him want to be a rocker was “Seven Words” and “no. 9”. Jacoby grew up in Vacaville and played clarinet and football in highschool. He met Papa Roach’s previous drummer, Dave Buckner, on the football field. He and Dave started Papa Roach in 1993. Jacoby married his wife, Kelly in 1997. Jacoby did go through a period of self harm in the form of cutting, an eating disorder, and he put cigarettes out on his arm. In 2002 Jacoby started the band Fight the Sky to show off his heavier/unclean vocals. That group only lasted until 2003. Jacoby continuely went through drug abuse and alcoholism. He first attempted going sober during the same time he and Papa Roach released “Getting away with Murder.” He quit drinking but continued to take pill. Before you all say that he just wanted a high from the drinking and drugs, that is very wrong. He drank and did drugs to numb the pain of being away from his family. Around the same time “Time of Annihilation” was released Jacoby fell into another hard spot with drugs and alcoholism. Jacoby turned to his pastor friend for help despite being iffy of going to church because of his hair and tattoos. His friend helped Jacoby and Kelly train for a Marathon. Jacoby stopped half way through the marathon to tell his friend that he was dedicated to God. He got babtised a few weeks later. He and his wife temporarily split up creating the beautiful mixture of pain and attitude know as “The Connection”. Near the end of the album Jacoby and Kelly were back together and seeing a couples therapist. Also near the end of creating the album Jacoby noticed it getting harder to sing. Jacoby went to a doctor to find that he had a nodule. A nodule is like a callus on his vocal cords. He decided to get a surgery to get it removed and he couldn’t talk let alone preform for a long time. When it comes to the making of Papa Roach’s latest album “FEAR”, Jacoby did not want to go to Vegas to record because he was scared he’d fall into the same loop of drugs and alcohol. He managed through with flying colors. He also now has his own fashion line called ” Lovers are Lunatics”.