FromAshestoNew–DayOneThis album is a relatively new album, released this year. This is a Rap Metal, Nu Metal, and Post Hardcore album with Electro Rock tints in it. Some songs have more of the electronic sounds than others, but it is never mistaken that the main genres are Rap Metal and Nu Metal. Many people would make the connection that the songs on this record sounds like the love child of Linkin Park and Hollywood Undead. This isn’t an album that is fluffy and happy however. There is explicit words and touchy subjects. In the song “Farther from Home”, there is talk of wanting to just end it all, but then within the same song there is the power of overcoming that at being a stronger person. There are some happy messages in the album to there are songs about just being free. Two of the tracks, ” The Break 2″ and “The Intermission”, however are just plain old piano pieces. I adore piano within Metal and Rock so that automatically caught me off guard in a good way. Within the album there is some unclean/growl/screaming. Over all I would give this album 5/5 stars.

Songs: Land of Make Believe; The Break 2; Farther from Home; The Intermission; Lost and Alone; Shadows; Through it All; Face the Day; Downfall; Breaking Now; Every Second; Same Old Story; You Only Die Once

My Favorites: Farther from Home; Downfall; Breaking Now

Vocals, Guitar, Keys, and Programming: Matt Brandyberry

Vocals: Chris Musser

Guitar and Vocals: Brandon Kreider

Guitar: Lance Powdle

Drums: Tim D’Onofrio

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