Alright I know this album is basically a legend, “Last Resort” is the god of that legend. This album was released in 2000 and is a lot more than “Last Resort”. The song “Infest” questions things wrong with the world and society. The songs “Broken Home” and “Revenge” talks about domestic abuse, although “Broken Home” focusses more on family issues. The song “Blood Brothers” talks about how it’s human nature to kill everything. This album over all is a Rap Metal, Alternative Metal, fifthly album. There is a lot of cussing and a lot of messed up topics. There is unclean vocals/ growling/ screaming. This album isn’t a song for your little ones. This album however deserves 5/5 stars.

Songs: Infest; Last Resort; Broken Home; Dead Cell; Between Angels and Insects; Blood Brothers; Revenge; Snakes; Never Enough; Binge; Thrown Away; Legacy; Tightrope

My Favorites: Last Resort; Revenge; Tightrope

Vocals: Jacoby Shaddix

Guitar: Jerry Horton

Bass: Tobin Esperance

Drums: Dave Buckner

NRG Studios